Hobby - in this theme I could speak very long time...

Pracownia Projektowa Krzysztof Kobielski

        In my varied hobbies and interests at first position I would like name music.

        Various interests and hobbies I have many more. My musical interests are not restricted only to one kind of music, but above all else I'm interested in rock and jazz music with all their mutations, variations and fluctuations. Sometimes I'm listening also classical music and I have some CD's with classical music. For better locating in time axis of my musical interests I can situate this in the 70's of 20th century (especially second half of seventies). Generally I started to listen music in first class of secondary school, when I was sixteen... and I'm continuing it to these days. That was beginnings, times - I can say - prehistorical - 1976, 1977 and next years... To this time music which was created in those years I consider as prominent one. Maybe it is a syndrom of "first love". As a general rule she is ever most beautiful ;-).

From 1976 my record collection (first vinyl and next CD) is constantly developed. To my favourite musicians (starting from this most favourites...) I can include: Pat Metheny Group (also solo recordings of an american guitar player Pat Methen), bands of the top of British progressive music scene. At first Yes (playing too under the name Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe), United Kingdom (U.K.) and Genesis. And next: american group Kansas, Dutch Focus, British groups Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Camel and Marillon, Canadian Rush, British Wishbone Ash, Mike Rutherford (bass guitarist of Genesis), singer Kate Bush, Santana, Sting, Jethro Tull, Jon & Vangelis, Jon Anderson, Clannad, Shakti (with John Mc Laughlin), Phil Collins (drummer and singer of Genesis), Eddie Jobson & Zinc, Edie Brickell & New Bohemians, Pink Floyd, guitarists of Genesis Steve Hackett and Anthony Phillips, German guitarist Ralf Illenberger, Level 42, Emerson, Lake & Powell, pianist Genesis Tony Banks, King Crimson, Led Zeppelin, the best group in the Polish rock music - SBB, Andreas Vollenweider, Yezda Urfa, Al di Meola, Vangelis, Asia, another Polish group Zjednoczone Sily Natury „MECH” (United Forces of Nature "MECH"), Police, Black Sabbath, Mike Oldfield, Peter Gabriel, polish jazz group Walk Away, IQ, Jean-Michel Jarre, guitar trio John Mc Laughlin, Al di Meola & Paco de Lucia... A I could enumerate so and so on with no ending... But I confine myself to the better fifty of artists. Main part of my music hobby is collecting of recordings. At first, in ancient time (in the time of secondary school and university studies) - these was vinyl records. I have collected also appreciable collections of types and cassettes. In these days my collection of vinyl records, types and cassettes is closed. It is finished story and it is not developed now. Even from technical reasons: using of record player - it seems a little bit inconvenient in the rush of this days... But however my collection of CD's is still growing up. At this moment it acquired number of 340 items (not estimating of CD's with classical music). Part of these CD's there are two or three CD's volumes). Describing of domain of my musical interests it will be most simply if I just enclose here index of my CD's. Part of items in this collection could be seen as a little bit controversial... but I try to suggest: don't worry and take it easy, please ;-).

And now I enclose explanations, which were helpful while reviewing of this cataloque. Here sequent elements of each item, which are separated by underline:
- first number that is ordinal number (from 001 to 340),
- second element - that is a name of performer (artist),
- the third - title of CD album,
- the fouth - the year of publication (that means the year of publication of original material, often on a vinyl record),
- duration time of CD (in the case of two or three CD volumes - time of duration each record),
- number of compositions (works) on each CD.
Interrogation mark - that means no information in this item.
Thus I'm presenting cataloque of my CD's:
Designed by Krzysztof Kobielski
& Jacek Francuz from "MILESTONES-IT"