As references of works of our Design Studio we enclose list of designed objects. These designs were made: in the period of working in the City Designing Office in Wroclaw (from February of 1987 to December of 1994), during cooperating and collaborating with another design firms at the same time, during collaborating with Provincial Design Office in Wroclaw (from November of 2000 to May of 2001), as well as in the period of working in Krzysztof Kobielski Design Studio (from January 1995 to this day):

We are skipping a great number of building designs of other building branches in which preparing were taking a part collaborating and cooperating with Krzysztof Kobielski Design Studio designers of branches: constructional, sanitary systems, sanitary installations, electrical systems, electrical installations and others. We are also skipping this part of building design documentation which authors were another Wroclaw architects and Christopher Kobielski was one of the subcontractors.

Designs made by Christopher Kobielski Design Studio
Designed by Krzysztof Kobielski
& Jacek Francuz from "MILESTONES-IT"